Stunning Concepts

Template Free Designs

That means just for you, built for you. Every website is created from scratch with the sole intention of showcasing your business in a modern way. Your site will be unlike any other. 


Custom Layouts

Each page is constructed from the ground up. Content is added in layers to build what looks to be a three dimensional finished product. Movement an animations bring the users experience to life, keeping your customers attention for longer.

Check Out Some Other Website Examples

K-Mill 360 Changing Lives One Step in every direction

Taking inspiration from the actual treadmill’s design, I chose to build out the color pallet of the website to exactly reflect the product. In fact, most backgrounds and banners are created from images of the unit. I created custom animations of the unit to help convey how it rotates and the design process. All photos, designs, animations, and most of the videos were created by Censored Studios.

Acadia Oceanside Discover the real beauty of Maine

Specially designed for the target market, this website showcases a home rental property with a simple clean design. Large pictures slide over and under each other in an expansive layout. Additionally, the website is optimized for both mobile and desktop.

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